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We are a digital partner based in Sweden, offering services from business strategy to design and development of products. Our work can be divided into three categories, outlined below.



Our designers and developers have deep experience and knowledge of the latest technologies. We help you drive digitalization, modernize your application stack and shift the focus to user/customer experience. We are known for taking projects through to successful completion, according to the needs and specifications of our clients. RealSprint develops everything from Web applications, mobile applications, streaming solutions, broadcast solutions, real-time solutions to payment systems. With our love for technology and extensive experience, we deliver high quality products and solutions that will help your business grow.

Inspiring quotes

  • Niclas Åström

    "We frequently discuss business opportunities and failures we see in everyday life. It might be trying to book a flight, establishing contact with a governmental agency or something as simple as the standing in line when shopping. There is room for improvement everywhere, which could make lives easier."


    Niclas Åström, CEO

  • Tomas Agerberg

    "We will help you visualize what you are - or should be - doing. We create sustainable business processes that peek into the next future."


    Tomas Agerberg, CMO

  • Björn Lidenmark

    "Innovation is driven by passion, we at RealSprint are passionate for building innovative solutions and we will always try to do so. My passion is to deliver above expectations."


    Björn Lidenmark, Digital Strategist

  • Petter Ekman

    Strategy, innovation and business development is what gets me up in the morning. That is what I love to do, and at RealSprint I get the opportunity to be creative in combination with feeling confident that we deliver high quality systems and support to our customers.


    Petter Ekman, Sales

About RealSprint

RealSprint is a privately held company based in Sweden and founded in 2013. Since the very beginning, RealSprint has been profitable and growing. With our love for technology and extensive experience, we deliver high quality products and solutions that will help your business to grow. We are mobile focused and we always put user experience first. We deliver products that are fast, user friendly, and a joy to use.

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Sweden's Radio (SR) MEDi project


Sweden's Radio (SR) MEDi project

It's great to see how our customer Sweden's Radio (SR) is evolving and how MEDi will be used in various forms of live broadcasts - not least in these corona times. RealSprint helped SR developing the posibility to stream highquality live audio from anywhere.


Elitloppet Live streaming with DALS


Elitloppet Live streaming with DALS

We are proud that our customer ATG rolls up their sleeves and arranges the Elitloppet (the elite race) - this year for empty stands but with improved live streaming. Our DALS technology is used to enable low delayed video and high image quality.


New Deputy CEO in Sundsvall


New Deputy CEO in Sundsvall

Today we are pleased to announce that Petter Ekman has been recruited as Deputy CEO of RealSprint in Sundsvall.


Business Life24 writes about our customer Kvix


Business Life24 writes about our customer Kvix

Extra fun when our customers are mentioned in the magazine! Here Business Life24 writes about Kvix, where we have been involved from the start in business development, design and programming. The first beta version has just been launched and we are already seeing great demand.


Wow! Our technology is now in the air


On board exclusive ground-based flights, our live streaming solution is used to enable lectures with experts in various fields. Passengers follow the content of each iPad and are loaded with knowledge of each individual destination even before they land. 24 intensive days on the road and a memory of life that is few to be ruined.


GameJam in Sundsvall


GameJam in Sundsvall

Today we had a GameJam in the office with some of the slightly younger Real Sprinters. We created a VR game for Oculus Quest that was about protecting a grilled turkey from an as yet undefined threat. Will probably be a super hit!

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Operations Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts and ideas to the table.
We're a cohesive team with expert skills and knowledge.


Searching for talent

RealSprint is looking for new talent - enthusiasts with a large interest in new technology, modern development tools, innovation and customer driven product development.

Primarily we are looking for people to join our office in Umeå, secondly in Stockholm and Sundsvall. If you live somewhere else entirely, we might work something out as well.