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Live Streaming Video is the new frontier

Whether it’s news, sports, live music, chat, or real-time event coverage, everyone wants it. The RealSprint team has developed a brand new solution for live video streaming to mobile browsers. It’s unique; it’s global; And you have never seen anything like it.

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The IT industry is constantly evolving

We see digital disruption happening every day, in all areas of business. Companies and organizations that fail to adapt will struggle with outdated strategies and legacy systems.
RealSprint offers specialists in a unique combination of business development, business strategy, digital and IT solutions, as well as leading edge software development, UX and design.


Our mission is to craft innovative and customized solutions that will help you become and remain competitive.

We are experts in the following areas:


We utilize our team's collective experience in digital business and blend it with that of our customers. We provide tools and solutions and - most importantly - align organizations to match modern digital markets, enabling long-term profit.


Our designers and developers have deep experience and knowledge of the latest technologies. We help you drive digitalization, modernize your application stack and shift the focus to user/customer experience.

We are known for taking projects through to successful completion, according to the needs and specifications of our clients.


RealSprint products are focused primarily on the digital market - developed from ideas that originated either within RealSprint or in cooperation with RealSprint customers. We see digital innovation as part of our own development process and knowledge base.


We live in disruptive times. Digital innovation is necessary both for survival and for growth. RealSprint works with customer-driven innovation that delivers business value and provides an edge in this “software is the brand” era.

Without the right strategy, innovation is nothing. RealSprint has a long track record of guiding customers in business, branding, digitalization, social media and IT.

Strategy / Analysis

Management consulting, evaluations, business strategy, business development, procurement support, target monitoring, education, statistical data processing, data analysis, social media, gamification

Production / UX

Web applications, mobile applications, streaming solutions, broadcast solutions, real-time solutions, integrations, payment systems

With our love for technology and extensive experience, we deliver high quality products and solutions that will help your business to grow.

We are mobile focused and we always put user experience first. We deliver products that are fast, user friendly, and a joy to use.

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The team behind all this

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts and ideas to the table.
We're a cohesive team with expert skills and knowledge.

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We are always looking for the right talent to complement our team.

  • Searching for talents

    RealSprint is now looking for more talents - enthusiasts with a large interest in new technology, modern development tools, innovation and customer driven product development.

    Primarily we are looking for people to join our office in Umeå, secondly in Stockholm and Sundsvall. If you live somewhere else entirely, we might work something out as well.

    Read more about the type of roles we are interested in.

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